Duchy Arms Wed, Jul 25 2018 20:00

"Juicy On His Own" Getting The Kudos He Deserves

Charles C

Oh, day of days. Oh, quiz of quizzes. Last night saw one-man wonder-team "Juicy On His Own" take the £40 bar tab. It was magical to witness. And to think, I was the quizmaster when it happened. His victory was made all the more impressive given the level of quizzing amongst the other teams. "Chub Rub Club" put in another excellent show, with knowledge of the Italian card game Scopa very much to their credit. "3 Amigos" did well - just one of the three stations in the London Underground question alluding them. "Vauxhall Labradors" had a particularly strong second-half, surprising themselves with their knowledge of Lord Of The Flies but not batting an eyelid at the All Saints - Pure Shores lyrics question. They were unfortunate to miss out on the bottle of wine, which went to "James & Karina", after a thrilling second-from-bottom tie-breaker on the world record for the number of socks put on a foot in a minute. 45! Yes...45!!! Jackpot went un-won. c£215 at stake next week.

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