Duchy Arms Wed, Oct 03 2018 20:00

Just One Cornetto Last Night But A £250-Jackpot Next Week!

Charles C

Lots learned at last night's quiz at The Duchy Arms. Did you know, for example, that the Statue of Liberty arrived in America in 350 pieces, packed in 214 crates, aboard the French naval vessel the 'Isère'? Or that the human eyeball weighs approximately 28 grams? A good many of the teams, including: 'Devonian Expats', '2 Points In It' and 'Maddys & Co.' certainly did. At the final whistle, just six points separated the nine teams - a very tight quiz. 'Its' October 3rd' and 'Writing Chequers Theresa May Can't Cash' battled it out for the bottle of wine, with 'WCTMCC' prevailing. 'Two's A Crowd' won the prize for the highest score on a points-per-person basis, only just missing out to the second-placed 'Three Over Parr' and the evening's winners, 'Ostriches Have 2 Toes'. A new free drink question format added to the excitement which culminated in the jackpot round. What's the world record for the fastest marathon with an egg & spoon*? "WCTMCC" just missed out meaning that next week's jackpot will be a quarter of a grand. That's right. £250! Someone, please win! *3hr 47mins!!

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Top Teams
Ostriches Have 2 Toes
Three Over Parr
Maddys & Co
Two's A Crowd
2 Points In It
Writing Chequers Theresa May Can't Cash
It's October 3rd
Devonian Expats
Monty Is Fat