Duchy Arms Wed, Jul 04 2018 20:00

No Prize for the World's Biggest Sandwich

Charles C

Whether it was World Cup exhaustion or people getting swept up in 4th July shenanigans (why?!), it was quite an intimate gig at The Duchy Arms last night. That said, there was still some exuberant quizzing to be done and the battle for the prizes was no less fierce, with the D-Day beaches, Radiohead and the new sports for the 2020 Olympics all playing their part in the trivia-testing. In the end, "My Close Friends" won the top prize, beating "Juicy On His Own" by just one point despite having a team five times the size. Meanwhile, "The Big Fact Hunt" did not go home empty handed, walking away with one of my consolation bags of sweeties and a free drink. When it came to the jackpot (which remained unwon), teams were way too pessimistic on the size of the world's largest sandwich. Even the largest bid - MCF's 232kg - was a long way from the right answer: 3,178kg. Imagine trying to lift that during your game of cards, John Montagu!

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