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Not A Genius? Not A Problem

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Hello.....? Does anybody actually read these? Surely you do... I know you do. I’m almost certain of it.
I made a post just this time last week and a few others before that talking about the benefits of coming to a Question One pub quiz. Unlike many other pub quizzes, we don’t chastise you for not being a member of Mensa of having an IQ of 36282910. We reward you instead on your creativity, perseverance and just plain determination fueled with luck!
A team called 'The Gruesome Twosome' took part in The Duchy Arms pub quiz last night. They finished in 4th place with a (still very impressive) score of 31.
They finished in 4th place. Not 1st or 2nd or even the famed bronze 3rd. They finished 4th. And yet those two keen and dedicated quizzers walked away with a free bottle of wine and £200 in cash!

WHAA?!! “How is that possible” I hear you ask? Surely only the people who come in first or at the very least second place walk away with prizes; that’s how competitions work no?

Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Question One quizzes are no way shape or form regular quizzes. Oh no... they are something far beyond a timid question and answer session in a dingy student pub I assure you.

But if you haven’t done a question one pub quiz and your itching to discover how you can walk away with prizes like that without coming in first place........

There’s only one way you’ll find out I’m afraid, because I’m not telling you on here. Grab some friends, bring £2 each and step through into the Narnia of the Quiz World. Come to one of our quizzes.

You know you want to.

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