Duchy Arms Wed, Sep 19 2018 20:00

Not Even Mary Poppins Could Stop The Quiz!

Charles C

The key takeaways from last night's quiz were that: a group of flamingos is called a 'flamboyance'; Nick Clegg is more well known than he gets given credit for; and, human sperm swims at 4mm a minute. Everything else was just an added bonus. The teams were within a mere four points of each other at half-time but by the end of it all, "Pass the Duchy" had stormed ahead. "Pimlico Plumbers" crossed out a few right answers but still earned second. "Unknown Exception" were initially wrong-footed by the Arctic Monkeys question but dug the knowledge out of somewhere to finish third. The dynamic duo, "The Novichoks", won the bottle of wine, boasting strong knowledge of Rod Stewart and movies, narrowly beating "Six Over Parr" who scored full marks on The Simpsons questions. The jackpot went unwon, which means it rolls over well over £150 to play for next week. #excited

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Pass The Duchy
Pimlico Plumbers
Unknown Exception
The Novichoks
Six Over Parr