Duchy Arms Wed, Oct 17 2018 20:00

Oi, Queen Of Hearts, Just Give Us Some Jam! (Or The £250 Jackpot!)

Charles C

Things learned from last night: There are nine rows of stars on the US flag, Pocahontas is the only Disney Princess to be based on a real person and 12 is the lowest number of shots a tennis player needs to take to win a set of tennis. By the end, only a handful of points separated the teams, with "Quizzly Bears" fighting out a win, just ahead of "Quizzy Rascals (Sorry!)", "Busy & Important" and "Malcolm & Dennis". The ever-dependable dynamic duo, "We'll See" won my points-per-person prize AGAIN!, just beating "Bruce Jenner-Talia" (what a name!). "I'm Going To The Bar" adjusted their strategy for the second half, acknowledging they'd been over-thinking things in the first half (replacing right answers with wrong ones. KEEP THE FAITH!). However, it was the battle royale between "Thomas the Dank Engine" and "Courtney Athletic" where things got most heated. "TTDE" just edged ahead on points, winning the kudos/bragging rights etc.. Which is all well and good, but "CA" got the bottle of wine. Was it deliberate? Was it tactical genius? We'll never know. Whatever it was, they did enough, with "Rutley Roosters" just missing out on the wine but getting the consolation jelly beans. Jackpot went un-won. IT'S ANOTHER ROLLOVER! Come and get the cash! See you there.

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The Quizzly Bears
Quizzy Rascals (Sorry)
Busy & Important
Malcolm And Dennis
We'll See
Bruce Jenner-Talia
Thomas the Dank Engine
I'm Going To The Bar
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Rutley Roosters