Duchy Arms Wed, Nov 29 2017 20:00

Paper can fly...sort of

Nick T

Well first just want to say thank you for being welcoming on my first quiz, I hope everyone enjoyed it. There was some serious competition in the room and all the bonus points can make the difference with all the scores that close. Talking of bonus points the paper plane flights proved to be very interesting. Just as you think a team has won it with an amazing final throw we have to go the judges decision and turns the celebrations are short lived as we have a 3 way tie. It’s fair to say in the tie break throws for the 3 best planes that very team that nearly won did not fair so well...in fact the plane just hit me...maybe some payback there? Who knows :)
At the end we had some very close scores and play off for the bottle of wine, it was a question that stumped them both but in end a bottle of wine was taken home so all smiles around. I will be back next week for you guys so get working on your paper plan designs.

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