Duchy Arms Wed, Aug 01 2018 20:00

"Pass The Duchy" The Cat's Pyjamas, Winning It By a Whisker!

Andrew P

Tonight at The Duchy Arms, our teams meant business! Half of the teams scored a very respectable 30 or more points and winners "Pass The Duchy" triumphed by a single correct answer on 38! It was still all to play for, however, since "The Biggun" came last but still earnt the chance to compete for the Jackpot, sadly choosing the wrong envelope this week. With few teams chasing shadows, most knew that sparring with an imaginary opponent was called 'shadow boxing'. Whilst almost anyone could've made the podium this week, it was a mix of teams that knew a round piece of poultry or meat was called a medallion but it wasn't all plain 'Sailing' when Rod Stewart was revealed to have given the largest free concert in Brazil in 1994. With the standard of competition so high, next week is not going to be for the fainthearted!

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