Duchy Arms Wed, May 02 2018 20:00

Quiz! Football! More Quiz! The Duchy Arms had it all last night!

Charles C

Despite the thrilling footy on the telly, there was still some gripping quizzing to be done at The Duchy Arms last night. As often in The Beautiful Game, the quiz was one of two halves. Even with three 3-part questions at the end of it, the first half was a little kinder than the second. At the full-time whistle, Quiz Quiztofferston and Where's My Burger had a second-from-bottom play-off for the bottle of wine, with WMB emerging victorious. Runaway winners were Fake Quiz - Sad, who having initially thought they wouldn't quiz, scored an unassailable 42 points. Undoubtedly, the most impressive score of the evening was Juicy On His Own, who scored 33 points all by himself. Astounding. Insert Team Name Here were dynamic as ever and I know that when We Found Ruth But Where's Andrew? is at full strength even greater momentum will be built.

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