Duchy Arms Wed, Dec 13 2017 20:00

Quiz puns à gogo

Jodyanne F

'Quiz Akabusi' were banged up and bang on for the first bonus drink whilst '4 Men & Henry' woke early to enjoy the second. 'Heaven Knows I'm Quizerable Now' bit off exactly as much as they could chew at the start of round two to take the bonus anagram point then held their lead all the way through to the end to take the top prize £40 bar tab.
There was but a metre in it for the jackpot prize but '4 Guys & Henry' just managed to throw that little bit further than their nearest contender 'Quiz Akabusi' to have a punt at the envelopes. Drum roll please... Not the jackpot but a burger bun so there's roll over to next week!
The second to last place bonus house wine went to 'Quiz Akabusi' who graciously gifted it to the lovely ladies of 'The Big Fact Hunters' - 'tis the season for giving.
Everyone knew the inner workings of the fruit, the best way to finish up in America and the 'Lowestoft lads' but poor Scarlet's last lament fell on deaf ears.

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