Duchy Arms Wed, Nov 21 2018 20:00

Record Breaking Night At The Duchy Arms. Quiz Night History Is Made...

Tyrone A

Kennington and Vauxhall have seen their share of drama over the years but none more so than the quiz night at The Duchy Arms tonight. A record turn out was in force and the standard was incredible. In the end though, it was the team of "Fake Quiz! Sad!" overcoming a dated 2016 soundbite team name to overcame the rest with a whopping score of 44, leaving a competitive field in their wake by a margin of 3 points.
The team of "The Gin-Credibles" won the second-from-last bottle of wine on a tie-break thanks to Charlotte out-acting Izzy from "Just Call Me Marion" in the Atkins Act-Off where the most compelling delivery of a line of dialogue wins the prize.
Fun all around! Will we see you here next (AND EVERY) Wednesday for 8pm? Lets hope so. Don't miss out, book now.

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