Duchy Arms Wed, Mar 28 2018 20:00

Ridley Scott - you old rogue

Charles C

Come half-time, despite the number of people quizzing, there were just four points separating the teams. Lego, Gunpowder and Charlie Sheen were all in the question mix as teams' general knowledge was stretched. Even Tia Maria got a mention (I don't know anyone who drinks it but the teams seemed to know that translated into English it means 'Aunt Mary') while DIRTY CLOSET proved a tricksy little anagram (Ridley Scott - come on!). However, 'EuroTrash' was in the lead, with 'So Called Quizlamic State' just behind. The second half was pretty tasty, with the gas mark of difficulty turned up a level and the competition hotting up as a direct result. 'Rough Up My Ball And Let's Get Swinging' demonstrated a superb knowledge of West African flags and Earl Grey tea flavourings earning themselves the right to go head-to-head for the bottle of wine with 'Quizteama Aguilera'. Perhaps the team-building away day that QA had just been on made the difference as they got the bottle of plonk. When all was said and done, 'Tell Jason We Said Hi' got the 1st prize bar tab but it was 'Bill-Ro Baggins' who won through to face the envelopes for the jackpot. Contrary to the lyrics question where ABBA told us the winner takes it all, the jackpot went un-won, which means it's another rollover. £180 the likely prize next week. Come and get it!

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Tell Jason We Said 'Hi'
So Called Quizlamic State
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Rough Up My Ball And Let's Get Swinging
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