Duchy Arms Wed, Feb 28 2018 20:00

Snow Business Like Quiz Business

Charles C

Despite the inclement (an under-used word) weather, seven teams battled through the elements to come and quiz at The Duchy Arms. There was high drama in the battle for the prestigious bottle of wine AND for the £40 bar tab but they were won by 'Muchy Duchy Want To Win' and 'Snowflakes' respectively. With an array of questions that tested the teams mettle, it was an extravaganza of trivia. Did you know that stars are the most common symbols on flags? Or that 'Rolex' comes from the phrase 'horological excellence'. So much learning. 'The So-Called Quizlamic State' beat 'The Beast from the East of Dulwich' by half a point in a housemates'/friends show-down, while the Naughty Nurses were one of only three teams to get the 'SNOT MATERIALISED' anagram (Alanis Morrisette). 'The Couch Crowd' worked tirelessly but just missed out on the top prize. Only one thing for it...come back and quiz again! Next week is our special charity quiz. It's going to be another evening of tension and trivia. We couldn't ask for anything else!

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Top Teams
The Couch Crowd
The So-Called Quizlamic State
The Beast from the East of Dulwich
Muchy Duchy Want To Win
Naughty Nurses
The Hobbits