Duchy Arms Wed, Apr 11 2018 20:00

Susan Boyle! You little minx! (c£200 jackpot next week!)

Charles C

People flocked to The Duchy Arms last night for what became a quiz so big we had to spill over into the second room. At half-time, the spread between the scores of the 9 teams was just 4 points, opening up the second half for an astonishing Real-Madrid-penalty-esque climax. Cluedo, leeks, and the Berlin Wall all featured in what was a delightful buffet of questions for the quizzers. At the final whistle, locals – 'The Kennington 4' – won the bottle of wine, with a score in between that of ‘3 Girls, 3 Cups' and 'World War III'. while ‘Fake Quiz – Sad!’ took the first prize bar tab, beating ‘Fields of Golding’ and ‘Bang Bang Summit’. A question on the most successful act to come out of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT to its fans) proved the most controversial. Contrary to some team’s thinking, it’s not Diversity but Susan Boyle! The jackpot conundrum on the number of times a human skin replaces itself during the average human lifespan produced answers that ranged from 32 to 21,000! 900 was the correct answer but…the jackpot went unwon. Over £200 to be won next week.

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Fake Quiz - Sad!
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