Duchy Arms Wed, Sep 05 2018 20:00

Swan vs Penguin - the ultimate feathery grudge match

Charles C

When a question on the bird with the most feathers* causes a commotion at a quiz, you know the level of competition is high. When you add in some questions on the NATO phonetic alphabet and an early photo of Danny Dyer, things get even more heated. Come close of play, 'Parr Plus 6' were just one point ahead of 'Charles's Angels 2' (who, incidentally, had threatened to throw in the towel - thank goodness they didn't) and 'Zanu PF'. There was then just a one point delta between each of the next three teams: 'F Troop', 'Benjamin Quizraeli' (a duo who get a special mention for the highest score on my points-per-player basis), and 'Knowles of Knowledge'. After abandoning a couple of right answers (including writing Jaipur not 'Jai Ho' in their answer to the Slumdog Millionaire question), 'T-Rex' found themselves in bottle-of-wine position. Nice work, gentlemen. Special mention to 'The Cooks', who were taking part in their first quiz ever. Fine stuff. 'Charles's Angels 2' (who, may I remind you, had nearly given up at question 27) won through to the jackpot round before choosing the wrong envelope of their shortlist of two. Oh, what could have been! Still, you can't win them all. And...it does mean it's another rollover. £139 up for grabs next week. See you there. (*The answer is a swan.)

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