Duchy Arms Wed, Oct 10 2018 20:00

That's Right, 700,000 Elastic Bands To Make The World's Largest Elastic-Band Ball!!!

Charles C

So much going on at last night's quiz at The Duchy Arms, which saw four teams get the same score, a tie-breaker for the bottle of wine and only one point between the top two teams. In the end, though, "FAC Four" earned the £40 bar tab, just ahead of wonder-duo, "Copeless Hunts" (winners on my points-per-person measure!). "Answering Machines" (best team name) just beat "Sky & BT Sports On Our 4 Screens" (whose mayonnaise soaked answer sheet nearly didn't make it to the end of the quiz) for the bottle of wine. The range of questions tested the teams across topics. We learned that Salisbury was the old name for the Zimbabwean city now known as Harare and that 21 is the minimum score required to win a game of Badminton. Thought-provoking stuff indeed. "Don Don" (ever keen for a McDonald's - hence the name) won through to the jackpot round but couldn't beat the envelopes. £250 up for grabs next week!! #coldhardcash

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