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Unlikely Champions

Tok A

Every pub quiz (almost without fail) there is always one team that had no intention of taking part in a pub quiz when they arrived to drink that evening. They just happened to be in the area at the time, maybe celebrating something or just for a quiet one after work and they’re always quite surprised to suddenly realise that there’s about to be a question and answer pub quiz.

I usually like to ask everyone sitting in the bar whether or not they’d like to take part. Most people know why they’re there and that they want to but there’s always one team that usually needs convincing. It’s typically always about three minutes of deliberation on whether or not they’re smart enough to play, if they’ll have enough time, will it be too long... that sort of thing.
But in the end, with a little bit of helpful persuasion from me, they come around bite the bullet and decide to give it a go.
That is the humble but poignant back story for so many teams that I have come across including 'Biscuit Train' a team of three friends who were just looking for somewhere to watch sport in a pub that ended up winning the quiz!
That always seems to happen. That one team that are just a little unsure on whether or not they want to take part end up actually winning the quiz!

So basically what am I trying to say? Well sometimes saying yes and jumping into the deep end can get you a £40 bar tab on food and drink. That’s what I’m saying

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