Duchy Arms Wed, Jan 10 2018 20:00

What's a tie-break between friends?

Jodyanne F

As Chelsea and Arsenal squared up again teams faced off down at The Duchy Arms for their own league table position tonight..
By the end of the first half 'Fake Quiz, Sad' were three points clear of their nearest rivals and even managed to pick up the bonus drink in the break to toast their position. At the start of round two though a contender emerged when 'Geerte & His Class Friends' barnstormed the bonus anagram point. The score line was a little to tidy in the end so a penalty tie-break was taken. Their guesses were closer to each other than to the actual answer but 'Fake Quiz Sad's' was just that little bit more to centre allowing them to take the trophy and claim the top prize £40 bar tab.
Meanwhile at the bottom of the table it was 'The Odd Pair' who finished just shy or relegation and were thus awarded the bottle of house wine.
The jackpot round is back next week so get yourself transferred over and see if you're the star player of the evening.

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