Duchy Arms Wed, Jun 07 2017 20:00

Whats do Philogynists Admire?

Rosie F

Quizzing was at full steam ahead last night at the Duchy. We welcomed 3 new teams and learned some interesting facts. Top fact of the night- If you are a philogynist, what would you admire? The answer is Women! Not going to forget that in a while! Most teams stayed on an even playing field with the exception of the regular winners. Fake quiz, sad face staying on top form from last week and grabbing that £40 bar tab, my scooping all bonus points of the night! You guys are fit for Genius league! A fun night had by all staff and quizzers!

Come and test your brain, grab some delicious food and Drink and enjoy your Wednesday nights with us at The Duchy at 8pm. We hope to see you there!

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Top Teams
Fake Quiz sad face
Genereal Erection
Never Gonna Quiz You Up
blankety blank
first timers
luck be a locci
armchair Rodeo