Duchy Arms Wed, Aug 29 2018 20:00

Where Can I Find a Bulldog on a Skateboard?

Charles C

A tough picture sheet really tested quizzers last night at The Duchy Arms. Kathy Bates, Blue (the band) and the island of Fiji making life difficult for the teams in what became a nail-biter of an evening. "Fake Quiz - Sad!" just beat "Are You On Email?" for the bottle of wine, just ahead of "Block P". The scores were as tight from then on up with just a handful separating the teams at the end of the quiz. "F Troop" didn’t get my lyrics question about Hanson’s Mmmbop (what a song! Absolutely meaningless but a belter nonetheless) but they did enough to earn the £40 bar tab, just ahead of "Stephen Hawking’s Shinpads", who were gutted to have written a few correct answers only then to exchange them for wrong ones. Still, all good learning, even for the also excellent "Oh Deer! That’s A Missed-Elk" and "Parts +1". My favourite question was about which animal has been the logo of Colman’s Mustard throughout its 150-year history. The bull. The jackpot question was also animal-related. What is the world record for the number of people whose legs comprised the longest human tunnel through which a dog has skateboarded? Only 30! Grab 31 mates and a talented pooch and you could have yourself a world record. Equally, come to The Duchy Arms next week to try and win the rolled-over jackpot - £105 up for grabs.

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