Duchy Arms Wed, Nov 07 2018 20:00

Who'd Have Thought Amber Heard Would Turn Up!

Charles C

A strong performance by "Fake Quiz - Sad" saw them earn the £40 bar tab, just pipping "The Jamikazis" to the winners' spot. Questions on Mount Everest (the tallest mountain in the world - even before it was discovered!), Porky Pig and Uranus (sniggers) put the teams through their paces, with the closely run first half opening up into what proved to be a testing second half. "Quiz Team #2", who didn't win any prizes for team name originality but demonstrated admirable TV trivia knowledge, "BCC FC", who were robbed of their right answer about Celine Dion's marriage (hard luck - gentlemen!) and local heroes "A Quiz Star Is Born", whose Coldplay expertise was second to none, also all had great quizzes. Just a smidge behind them was "Fiddlesticks Chickenstrips", boasting excellent Game of Thrones and baseball knowledge, followed by "Blushing Ladies", who earned the coveted bottle of wine. However, perhaps the dramatic turn of the evening was "No Hopers", who had kept a low profile through the main quiz, winning the £222 jackpot. Having guessed the closest to the 24 hour canoeing world record (254km!!!), they beat the envelopes to walk away with cold. hard. cash! Well done to them. Aside from all the glorious trivia this evening, if we learnt one thing it was that sometimes: 'the first may be last, but the last can win the jackpot.' As ever, our shrewd investment adviser has managed the funds such that there is already a £40 jackpot next week. It's beckoning you to come and win it. Finally, well done to those who saw Amber Heard!

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