Duchy Arms Wed, Oct 11 2017 20:00

Who knew?

Tok A

It takes the average person 347 days to walk around the Earth non stop? You didn't know that either? Well have no fear because in a question one pub quiz, you don't need exact numbers to talk away with some of the best Pale Ale in London absolutely free!
In all of our quizzes we have two 'free drink questions' with the opportunity to be given a beverage of your choice - absolutely free - for just coming closest to that number. Last night a team thought it would take you 500 which is quite a few days more but, as each other team decided to go up into he four figure mark, they came the closest and they won to goods!
So you don't even need to get it exactly right to win with Question One. It's the perfect pub quiz that just keeps giving!

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