Duchy Arms Wed, Jan 17 2018 20:00

Who’s killing all the sharks

Charles C

High energy and high stakes at The Duchy Arms last night as seven teams battled it out to be ruler of Kennington’s burgeoning quiz scene. Questions on the Bay of Bengal, the Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney cartoon and Spring break provided quizzers with lots on which to test the little grey cells. By half-time ‘Honey Badgers’, ‘Bad (or sick) Team’, ‘Quizzly Bears’, ‘I Think I Made A Mistake’ and ‘Helen’s Birthday For F**k’s Sake’ were all vying for top prize. A couple of cheeky free drink questions increased the tension further and afforded us all the opportunity to learn that 11,000 sharks are killed by humans EVERY HOUR. 60 MINUTES! That’s 3 a second. Frightening stuff.

Come full-time, following the close contest, it was ‘Fake News – Sad!’ who edged out ahead for the win. ‘Honey Badgers’ and ‘LAPS’ won through to a tie-breaker for the jackpot with ‘Honey Badgers’ choosing the envelope. No win, though, so it rolls over to next week. Come get the cash! See you there! :)

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Top Teams
Fake Quiz - Sad!
Honey Badgers
Bad (or sick) Team!
Quizzly Bears
Helen's Birthday For F**k's sake
I Think I Made A Mistake