Duchy Arms Wed, Feb 21 2018 20:00

Why Have Gore-Tex When You Can Have Spandex?

Charles C

Some fierce quizzing at The Duchy Arms last night. Tension mounting through what was a deep quiz. The Lannisters duo did a sterling job on a points per person basis but not quite enough to get the second-from-bottom bottle of wine, which went to the next-door team 'The Wine Winners'. The top spot was a tight contest between 'Ambush', 'The Table Adjacent to Ben's Table' and 'Fake Quiz - Sad!' (the eventual winners). 'Lagos, Nigeria' had a superb second half, storming question after question regardless of subject, while 'Duchy Originals' had the best team name. A good twist on the tube station question (emojis rather than cryptic clues) and a nostalgic lyrics question on Puff Daddy's 'I'll be missing you' kept things fresh. The jackpot of £82 was won but we'll be building it again next week. It's all happening at The Duchy Arms.:)

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Fake Quiz - Sad!
The Table Adjacent To Ben's Table
Lagos, Nigeria
Duchy Originals
The Wine Winners
The Lannisters