Duck and Rice Sun, Apr 23 2017 18:30

Eastenders are number 1 in the West End!

Cookie M

Well not exactly the cast of Eastenders but aptly named team "Rickkkkkaaaaay!!!" Earned themselves top prize at this weeks drag quiz night at The Duck & Rice in London's West End with the quiz mistress of Soho myself - Cookie MonStar. Mixed spice came 2nd from last & earnt themselves a round of drinks but when it came to the jackpot there were no winners!
Freshly back from a trip down under (no sarcastic comments please!) not only did we have a quiz but i also gave away some Australian delicacies (Caramello Koalas) and treated the audience to a special acapella version of "I will survive" - you never know what's gonna happen at a drag queen quiz - so join me next time Sunday May 7th where the cash jackpot now stands at £90.
See you there!
Cookie. X

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Top Teams
Finished the marathon in 3:26, 3:27 is for losers
Team Ivan
Mixed Spice
Kath, Kim & Jim