Duke of Sussex, Waterloo Mon, Oct 23 2017 19:00

Lights Out

David M

In a scene reminiscent of the air raid drama's of the world war eight teams, let's count them, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. What a number that is. Only two more and it would have been ten.

So let's have a run down of exactly what happened. Eight full teams bravely fought on in absolute darkness with only the light of a candle to go by in the Waterloo drinking establishment known as the Duke of Sussex.
That's right everyone it was a quiz...but not just any quiz, it was a Monday night quiz.

The team that was chipper enough to squeak its way to victory were the very tenacious 'Alvin and the Quizmonks'.

On this occasion their pens came in very handy and by using them in a more effective manner than any other team on the night they managed to score more points than anyone else.

Well done 'Quizmonks' and well done everyone else.

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