Duke of Sussex, Waterloo Mon, Mar 06 2017 19:00

Lower Marsh loveliness

Jodyanne F

A great night in this new venue. It was Don Quizote who knew the purpose of car polish to take the first bonus drink whilst Dad n Lad knew the crash site of flight 815 to take the second. Then it was back to Don Quizote for the third for his knowledge of the poor porcine's pickled passing.
At the end of the evening the scores were to close to call with Don Quizote an Sassy Gary just pulling away from Dad n Lad by half a point to square off in a tie-breaker. The length was gauged, the guesstimates submitted and the verdict declared - Sassy Gary to take the top prize £50 bar tab by 88 miles.
Everyone knew Ebenezer's evil, Barney and Betty's boy and Тетрис's titanic tenure but the cute Curculionoidea was a conundrum to far.
Join us next week for your chance to win.

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