Duke of Sussex, Waterloo Mon, Mar 20 2017 19:00

Testing, testing, one two three...

Jodyanne F

A great buzz down at the Duke of Sussex tonight.
'Les Quizerables' and 'Quizlamic State' both felt the largess of Shah Jahan's grief to face off in a tie breaker for the first bonus drink, with 'Les Quizerables'' recognition of Robin Antin's good girls allowing them to pull ahead and take the prize. In the second round it was the Tritonian trajectoral track that won the bonus drink for 'Bottom of the Log'.
At the end of the evening there was call for yet another tie-breaker with 'Quizlamic State' up against 'Bottom of the Log' for the second to last house prize bonus bottle of wine with 'Quizlamic State''s estimate of a chess game allowing them to take it home.
The top prize £50 bar tab went to 'Can't Remember' who have vowed to come back and defend their title.
Everyone knew Ernest Velden's afters, Melania's mate and the eternal conundrum of the spices but Intec Digital's head honcho was personae non gratae.
Book your table for next Monday - we'll be waiting...

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