Duke of Sussex, Chiswick Sun, Nov 05 2017 20:00

Bonfire night blow out

Chris R

Despite the bangs and whistles from the surrounding parks, it was a surprisingly quiet night at the Duke of Sussex this week. 5 teams braved the cold to take part, with regulars Super Fuzz Big Muff in attendance, I'll give you one in a sec! and '99 Problems' in the house to battle it out with 'Normally at the Stag!' and 'Dame July Stench'.
It proved a tough quiz, but I'll give you one in a sec were on fire, claiming both free drinks and winning the pot with 4 clear points!

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Top Teams
I'll give you one in a sec..
99 problems
Super Fuzz Big Muff
Normally at the Stag!
Dame July Stench