Duke of Sussex, Chiswick Sun, Sep 10 2017 20:00

Busy busy, let's get quizzy!

Chris R

A packed night at the Duke saw 4 teams at the bar, with every table a quiz table. It was a tough first half, with average score in the low teens. But super duo Two to Tango managers second with 18 while Growlers led the pack on 19.
Some tricky free drink questions took a while, but we eventually managed to give away some booze. The slight change of format for the anagram question, bonus point for the first team to get it, went slight awry as the instruction 'Don't shout the answer out!' was utterly ignored! At least everyone got a point though.
Final winners were the Growlers, taking home a healthy £112 pot, with Minger Almighty taking a close second.
Great night all round!

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