Duke of York, Marylebone Tue, Nov 20 2018 20:00

Neck And Neck The Whole Way Through!

Marc F

It was a closely fought battle between two top brainy teams that saw "The Comrades" taking the bar tab by just a point. In what became a competitive affair with both team's knowledge being pushed to the limits, "Quizlamic State" couldn't find the vital answer to force a tiebreak or take the win themselves.
Still, it was celebration time for them as they shared a bottle of Prosecco for second place, without the addition of Chambord, which they didn't know was flavoured with raspberry — something "The Comrades" guessed correctly.
Regulars, "No Idea" finished well to take third, despite having two non-natives and an 85yo (their words) in their midst. "American Idiots" had a bad week being left with the wooden spoon despite them winning with 42 points a couple of weeks ago — they were far from idiots this week either. They'll be back, looking to get back to winning ways.
Make sure you make it down for Rita's return next week who'll be glad to see your smiling faces at one of Central London's coolest and cutest old pubs.

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