Eagle Hoxton Wed, Feb 21 2018 19:30

Best Team Names?

Richard L

A busy night at The Eagle last Wednesday! With 19 teams competing for a cash prize of £158:30 it was a noisy evening as well. Oh, and there was football being shown on the video screens with pictures but no sound. 'Axis Of Ignorance' won the quiz with 35 points but although a humorous and rather inappropriate name, there were several others which contributed to jollying up the atmosphere.
"I wish this microphone was a Peis", was one name that made Quizmaster Richard Linton tell the team members that no way would they ever win anything at The Eagle!!
Other names worth writing about were "Kentucky Fried Pigeon", "Sh
t I Thought This Was An STI clinic", "Jeremy 007 Corbyn" and in view of recent events a very topical "Children In Need's Dirty Secret". Comedy is supposed to push boundaries and I think these names did just that.
With creative team naming and a great atmosphere plus of course a cash pot waiting for the winning team, why not pop in to The Eagle next Wednesday from 7:30pm.! :)

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Axis of Ignorance
Kentucky Fried Pigeon
I Wish This Microphone Was A Pe*is
Fat Zach & The Deltoids
Smooth Criminals
Sh*t I Thought This Was An STI Clinic