Eagle Hoxton Wed, Nov 28 2018 19:30

Free Drink Question Almost Ruins Quiz!

Richard L

The emphasis is on the 'almost'. In a busy and friendly quiz at The Eagle in Hoxton, there are always two free drink questions, one in the first half and the other in the second half. Quizmaster Richard Linton always tries to ask a question that most people will probably be able to answer - with a bit of thought. Nothing too easy but nothing that only a genius with a degree in Astrophysics would be able to answer either! Last night's first free drink question related to the TV program 'Fawlty Towers' and the question was, 'Who altered the name of the hotel?', changing it on a signboard to a comic name such as 'Farty Towels' or 'Fatty Owls'?
Answers came from lots of the quizzers but having been through virtually all the regular cast members without a right answer, Richard had to give a clue or three before someone worked out that the culprit was the paper delivery boy. The guy who got the answer right certainly earned his drink last night! Why not see if you can win one next Wednesday - The last quiz of the year!!!

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