Eagle Hoxton Wed, Jan 31 2018 19:30

Medics Win After Tie-Break

Richard L

It's always interesting to see a team which has an average score at the half-way point in a quiz, suddenly pick up during the second half and proceed to win.
This is what happened at The Eagle last night. 'The Eye Teeth', a team with at least two members from Moorfields Eye Hospital, had a score of 19 at the half-way point. There were several teams with a higher score but 'The Eye Teeth' carried on and ended with 36 points, the same score as one other team, 'Trivia Newton John'.
After a tie-break question regarding the length of the Titanic, 'The Eye Teeth' answer was nearer to the correct answer resulting in this team's first ever win at The Eagle. All the team members were delighted and all were surprised to have won. No surprise guys, just great quizzing and a well deserved victory!

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