Eagle Hoxton Wed, Apr 25 2018 19:30

What's In A Name?

Richard L

For some reason, the Wednesday night quiz at The Eagle in Hoxton always seems to bring out the creativity in team naming. Recently there have been teams named after current news items but last night with 17 teams competing for two free drinks and a pot of £142 team names were, well, let's just say weird!
To give an idea of the variety of names, we had "Sh** House' Ronaldo's Love Child, Hypnodisc, 'Windows '95 Screensaver' and my favourite, Condom Advisers by Royal Appointment"
Oh, the winning team (with a score of 33) was called 'When Jake is Jake, Jake'. Please don't ask because I don't know either!!

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Top Teams
When Jake Is Jake, Jake.
Bondi Rescue
Axis of Ignorance
Windows '95 Screensaver
Ace Windsor