Eagle, Ladbroke Grove Tue, Oct 10 2017 19:30

Let Get Quizzical Gets Quizical.

Jonny G

Four teams competed in The Eagle’s quiz tonight, including one consisting of only a sole player: a mysterious stranger from America, ‘Just here to see how the British quizzes work’

At the end of the first round, newcomers 'Let’s Get Quizzical' commanded a solid lead but there was everything to play for in the second. Except there wasn’t. 'LGQ' rose to become even more powerful, ending with an enviable 34 points. 'The delightful Quizzeroos' scooped up our second-to-last prize of a bottle of wine. But wait, what happened to that mysterious one man team? He strode confidently into second place!

Talk was heard of him joining forces with 'Let’s Get Quizzical'. Is this the beginning of an omnipotent quiz leviathan? We’ll find out next week. Same quiz-time; same quiz channel.

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