Eagle, Ladbroke Grove Tue, Jun 19 2018 19:30

Norfolk 'n' Chance? Exactly the opposite!

Sarah R

"Norfolk 'n' Chance" certainly proved their name wrong by taking the gold (& the £50 bar tab) on Tuesday at The Eagle in Ladbroke Grove.
The teams were all very close at the end of round one, but the Chances pulled away from the pack in round 2, beating 'HAG' into second place.
'Emily's Estuary' managed to hold on to the coveted second-to-last prize spot (a bottle of wine), & also took the free drink question in round 2 for their knowledge of strong booze! Free drink in round one went to 'Billy 2 Mates' (knowledge of lifts in tube stations.)
Poor 'HAG' were the only team to come away with nothing but the admiration of their peers for their strong second place overall.

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