Eagle, Ladbroke Grove Tue, Apr 24 2018 19:30

Talonted Teams at The Eagle

Jonny G

As the enzymes in the belly of an eagle fizz with kinetic energy so too did the inhabitants of The Eagle fizz with excitement for this week's quiz. 'We Came Last Last Week' topped the first round with 14 points. What quiz-enriching diet they've subjected themselves to over the past week, we can only guess.

Passions were high in the second round. As the answers were revealed our teams exploded with the passion of a stadium of football fans - that was also inside an eagle. 'Get Rich or Die Quizzing' did neither, though luckily, they did scoop up the 2nd to last's bottle of wine. 'We came last...' didn't, though they were beaten to first place by The Locals, who'd intrepidly travelled from around the corner. The Bar Tab is theirs!

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