Eagle, Ladbroke Grove Tue, Mar 13 2018 19:30

The Turkey Quizzlers Strike Again!!

Celia L

Someone call Jamie Oliver : it looks like 'The Turkey Quizzlers' are back with a vengeance!! Second week win in a row - there is no stopping this team is there!

Although they didn’t have the lead all the way through.. at the end of Round 1, 'Suffering Succotash' we’re steaming ahead with 21 points - an almost perfect score, but once again round two got them in the backside and pulled them down the leaderboard, and gave rise to the reigning champions to seize their top spot once more.

Congratulations to 'Team Aunt Sally' for coming in second-to-last (bad luck Team ??? I know you enjoyed that sweet sweet wine last week! Clearly weren’t tactical enough in your playing - better luck next week lads!)

And my favourite team name of the evening has got to be Les Quizerables - using quizzing and my number one passion for musical theatre in the creation of their name. Sigh. Perfect. Unfortunately not perfect enough to win, but you got a silver medal coming in second place.

An utter pleasure to cover this venue the last two weeks. Best of luck in your quizzing futures and thank you for having me and being wonderful pub quiz participants.

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