Falcon, Clapham Mon, Sep 10 2018 20:00


David M

Everyone was here tonight more or less.*(1)
The whole thing went like a kipper. It was a real knock out. In short, it was amazeballs.

There were celebrations and some tears *(2) but in the end, it was all worth it.

The creative round was outstanding. Just check out the models in the photos.
Anyone of these would fit into the British Museum or somewhere nearby. *(3)

"Jamie Redknapps Boys" conquered all just like their hero Genghis Khan did. They annihilated the opposition beginning with the creative round. They eventually scored two spice girl points above "Better Late Than Never" and stormed home into first place.

*(1) Mainly less.
*(2) Ben again.
*(3) The bins outside.

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