Falcon, Clapham Mon, Aug 27 2018 20:00

The World Cup Revisited

David M

It was amazing. Everyone was having a go. Everyone was trying to win. Some were winning, Some weren't winning. Everyone was thinking of stuff, writing stuff down. There was so much to do. Literally. It was all going on.

There was a brilliant creative round. I'm always very impressed by what comes up. It's one of the best bits I think and it can swing the quiz.

In the end, "Jamie Redknapps Boys" did just what was needed to push them over the top and win. It was quite emotional. A couple of them, I think Ben was one of them, became a little teary eyed.
I don't blame them.
Reminded me very much of what it felt like when England beat Tunisia. Only more so.

Well done everyone. See you all very soon.

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