Falcon, Clapham Mon, Jul 30 2018 20:00

The Writing About The Quiz

David M

One thing you could say about tonight's quiz was that it was going to happen and it did happen right the way from the beginning up until the end.

Everyone was there that was in it and it... And they were in for all of it... apart from those ones who arrived late who were only in it for part of it and it doesn't get much better than that.

This all took place at The Falcon in Clapham North. I was there as was everyone else that was in it.
You couldn't have planned it better so I didn't. There was so much of it.
There was a creative art round, make a European landmark from tin foil sort of thing and that was really, really, really fantastic. You had to be there and I was.

In the end, one of the teams won it.
It was Quizlamic State I think. It was really, really, really amazing.
"Cliff Richards Boys" came after that.
All the other teams got results as well. It was really, really, really amazing (WORD COUNT COMPLETE).

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