Fentiman Arms Tue, Aug 15 2017 20:00

A Clash Of The Titans At The Ovals Finest Quiz... There Could Be Only One!

Tyrone A

Van Der Beek. Quizteama Aguilera and A Labour Of Moles. Between the three of these teams, they share the lions share of the the victories at The Fentiman Arms in the last 18 months and tonight was one of those special nights where all three of them were present and well represented in a straight shootout. In the end, when the dust had settled, it was A Labour Of Moles who won by a decisive 3 point margin to win the £50 bar spend first prize but more importantly, the bragging rights.
Can you do better? Can you? Then bring your team down next or EVERY Tuesday at 8pm and find out!
*Ooooh. Book in advance. This is the best quiz in the Oval for a reason. x

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