Fentiman Arms Tue, Sep 04 2018 20:00

New Neighbours Are New Winners In The Oval!

Tyrone A

They've just moved into the area and thought 'Let's check out this Fentiman Arms place for a drink. Oh, there's a quiz on. Shall we?' And they did! The team of "The Offley Hoes" are a group of youngsters who were new to the area and found that a bit of flatmate bonding can turn into big fun prize winning glory as they won the £50 bar spend first prize by a single point margin and ensuring a shared memorable evening together. Oh, the power of quiz!
Where were you? Why weren't you winning one of our many prizes? Well, worry not, you have a chance next and EVERY Tuesday at the best and one of the longest running quiz nights in South London. Let's see you there soon.

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