Fentiman Arms Tue, Jan 03 2017 20:00

Really, Really Good Performance from 'Yearly, Yearly Good Team'

Charles C

The Fentiman Arms was where it all began. My love of pub quizzing originated in the dizzy summer of 2013. The evenings were long, and the sunshine streamed in through the windows as memorably as the conviviality of the pub spilled out. The food was excellent and the chance to test trivia knowledge was just too inviting to give up. So it was with a not undue sense of excitement that I volunteered to lead the quiz at TFA (as we used to call it) last night.

For the first quiz of the year, it was a testing one; a fine way to blow away those heavily-partied little grey cells. A broad range of scores indicative of an open field with ‘Yearly, Yearly Good Team’ taking top spot. Not far behind was ‘You Booze, You Lose’ where, despite some queries about one (male) team-member’s handwriting and impressive knowledge of S Club 7, the quad of two engaged couples earnt the second prize sweeties and best detox-themed team name. Meanwhile, Maths and Linkin Park seemed to be the core strengths of ‘Exeter Gently’ while the Brazilian duo, Cariocas, were all over the language questions.

What a place. What memories. What a start to the year.

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