Fentiman Arms Mon, Dec 10 2018 20:00

Record Broken At The Best Quiz In South London!!

Tyrone A

They said they would do it and they did - "The Last Supper" declared last week when they achieved that rare feat of winning three weeks in a row that they would do it again... and they did... by SEVEN POINTS! This probably ends any argument about who was the dominant team at The Oval's finest quiz this year right then and there. Their regular nemesis, "A Labour of Moles" had to applaud them on this occasion but stated at the end that they will NOT let them achieve the unprecedented feat of five in a row next Monday - the last quiz at The Fentiman Arms of 2018.
What I'd like to see is YOU come down and stop them. YOU bring a team of your finest and smartest friends to end this absolute juggernaut of quiz greatness. If you're up to the task, get yourselves down next Monday for 8pm (book first if you can) for fun and games, free drinks (potentially) and maybe history.
Lets see you there!

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