Fentiman Arms Tue, Sep 05 2017 20:00

Summer Is Over And Quiz Season Is Back In The Oval!

Tyrone A

It's official - the (so called) British summer is over and all the outdoors fun and games have finished so that can only mean one thing.... QUIZ SEASON IS UPON US! To mark this landmark, some of the best teams in the Oval made their way to The Fentiman Arms and commenced brain battle. The winners were none other than A Labour Of Moles, a team that has steadily become a force in 2017 but they only won by a solitary point in what was, as always at this quiz, a close run thing.
Can you do better? Come on down next and EVERY Tuesday and find out.

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Top Teams
A Labour of Moles
Kim Jong-Fun
Trolls On Tour
Bought Our Own Pens
Don't Push The Button, Kim Jong-Un!