Fentiman Arms Tue, May 01 2018 20:00

Team Of Ridiculously Attractive People Win Again In The Oval!

Tyrone A

It has become abundantly clear of late that there are three regular pace-setting teams at The Fentiman Arms - 'A Labour of Moles', 'The Last Supper' and 'The Master Debators' and this week once again saw a tightly contested battle for supremacy between these outfits. It came down to a tie-break (as is the norm) and it was Master Debator Kenny who held his nerve to secure the big prize for his team.
"We're just too good" said team captain Ash. "We can out think the rest and out good-looking the rest" She continued to say, drunkenly as she walked out into the Oval night, first prize in hand.
Can you do better? Come on down to The Fentiman Arms next and EVERY Tuesday for 8pm for fun and prizes.

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