Fentiman Arms Tue, May 16 2017 20:00

The Oval Gets Political At The Best Quiz Night In Town!

Tyrone A

Another super busy and super fun quiz night at The Fentiman Arms saw a very close run contest between regular faves Van Der Beek, Strong and Stable Pub Quiz Table and... The Green Party? Yes, the representative of The Green Party for Vauxhall and her team also took part and VERY nearly won the big first prize... But sadly for them, they were thwarted in a tense tie-break question by Ivo of Strong and Stable who made off with the spoils.
As ever, The Fentiman proved that it is the best team in The Oval/Vauxhall area and we want YOU to join in. You can find us here next and EVERY Tuesday at 8pm.

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