Fentiman Arms Tue, Nov 13 2018 20:00

They're Back And They're At It Again At The Oval!

Tyrone A

As quiz team legacies go, there are only a few that spring to mind in the pub quiz landscape of South London and one of them is "A Labour of Moles". They have had their share of big wins in recent years but few were as sizeable as the margin tonight as they took the £50 bar-spend first prize and more importantly, the glory, by a huge six points, leaving their more than respectable opposition in their wake.
Other prizes, free drinks and fun were had but the night belonged to those brainy moles.
Can you do better? Do you like fun, prizes and maybe even a legacy? Either way, you'll have a fine old time at The Fentiman Arms - the best, most established and enjoyable pub quiz in South London.

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